Magic Medicinal Mushrooms

No, not the hallucinogenic ones! I’m talking about my TOP 7 “Fun Guys” aka Fungi or in Italian “funghi”. You might have heard of Porcini, Button, Cremini, Portabella which are used in cooking but I want to talk about Shitakii, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, Lions Mane and Turkey Tail. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for […]

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Supplements for Immune Defense

Vitamin Sea

Do I really need to take supplements? Yes!  Why? Well…. Many culprits weaken our immune system.  The most used and abused are:  high simple and processed sugar consumption, alcohol, nutrient poor and processed packaged foods, take-out and ready-made meals, lack of sleep and stress. Food is a good place to start.  However, we also need […]

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Immune Support with Botanicals Part Two

fresh herbs

Strengthen Your Immune System with Botanical Medicine Basic Nutrients are key! One of the primary functions of our immune system is to recognize “foreign invaders” i.e. viruses and pathogenic bacteria and respond by sending in the troops safely.  The list of nutrients to carry out such a complex function is vast and vitamins A, B’s, […]

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Immune Support with Wholefood Nutrition Part One

We are as healthy as our immune system is strong! Our immune system is one of the most important, fascinating and complex system of the human body. Its function is to protect us against infection which could lead to disease and then death. It is responsible for coming to the rescue of small and relatively […]

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Probiotics: the gateway to optimal health!

PROBIOTICS…Its Strength in Numbers! Did you know that our gut has more than 5,000 strains of bacteria and there are more than 100 trillion microscopic bacterium, good and bad, that proliferate inside our gut [1]? One important thing I have learned while studying bacteria and digestion is that our health lies in our gut!  It’s […]

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On My Meditation Journey

Laughing Out Loud! If someone was to tell me 3 years ago that I would be sitting in stillness for 2 hours, I would have shook my head and laughed uncontrollably in disbelief!  I’m a talker, an extrovert and I love chatting and meeting people.  I enjoy listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and the occasional […]

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My TOP 20 Prebiotic Foods

superfood ingredients

There’s a new Healthy Gut Buzz word in town! Let me introduce you to Prebiotics … but first, let’s take a quick look at their “big sister”… Probiotics have been the healthy gut buzz word for over 10 years.  Research has proven and shown that probiotics are good bacteria which displace bad bacteria in our […]

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Tofu or Nofu?

The Cheese of Asia What is Tofu? Did you know that tofu was discovered over 2,000 years ago by the Chinese? It is also knows as “The Cheese of Asia” because it physically resembles a block of farmers cheese but is a tasteless and odorless!  This off-white or beige curd is produced from soybeans that […]

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Amino Acids, Protein and Muscles

How important is protein? Well….without it, we wouldn’t be able to live and it is second to water as an essential part of nutrition, so the correct answer is:   VITALLY IMPORTANT! We need it for the growth and maintenance of our body tissues, especially during pregnancy, lactation and during childhood!  It is a primary component […]

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