Immune Support with Wholefood Nutrition Part One

We are as healthy as our immune system is strong! Our immune system is one of the most important, fascinating and complex system of the human body. Its function is to protect us against infection which could lead to disease and then death. It is responsible for coming to the rescue of small and relatively […]

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Lemony Coconut Protein Truffles

Lemony Coconut Protein Truffles

These snacks are packed with plantbased protein, loaded with vitamin C and bioflavinoids for healthy skin, nails and hair and a stronger immune system.  The bee pollen adds extra Bee vitamins, crunch and is a natural anti-histamine! Plus in the middle of an ice storm, these taste like a sunny tropical paradise!   Ingredients for 15 […]

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Breakfast in a Cup

breakfast in a mug

Cups are not just for coffee, hot chocolate, matcha and tea!  This is just the right size for a nutritious, filling and delicious breakfast to start your day right. I’ve added a list of  superfood ingredients that I usually use, but you don’t have to limit yourself to mine, so get creative, have FUN and […]

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Earl Grey French Toast

earl grey french toast

Confession Time!  I never liked Earl Grey tea, in fact it was nauseating! I started liking it when I was in Lisbon, Portugal this past summer.  I was working for a British fashion photography crew and they were tea drinkers!!!!  So, I walked around the beautiful streets of Lisbon shopping for their English Breakfast tea and […]

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Almond Grape Donuts

I was never a fan of donuts because they were filled with all things white and void of any nutrients like sugar, flour and fat! Yes, I know….I’m one of the few Canadians that doesn’t like donuts – given that there’s a Tim Hortons on almost every corner.  My mission was to create a healthier […]

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