Spinach Mushroom Asian Lasagna

lasagna recipe

What? Asian cuisine has lasagna, no way?! Yes way, and it’s made with “Asian cheese” aka tofu! Organic, sprouted tofu, of course! Enjoy this nutritious, high protein and delicious, super filling one-dish meal tonight with a side salad and invite all your friends over! Ingredients (serves 6-8) 1 box brown rice lasagna pasta (about 10-12 […]

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Tofu or Nofu?

The Cheese of Asia What is Tofu? Did you know that tofu was discovered over 2,000 years ago by the Chinese? It is also knows as “The Cheese of Asia” because it physically resembles a block of farmers cheese but is a tasteless and odorless!  This off-white or beige curd is produced from soybeans that […]

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Veggie Sprouted Tofu Sandwich

My inspiration for this “breadless” sandwich came because I wanted to increase my protein and decrease carbs and eliminate gluten – VOILA!   My dad tried this and I was blown away that he actually liked it. In fact, he ate it all and he had never had tofu in his 81 years of life! […]

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