Immune Support with Botanicals Part Two

fresh herbs

Strengthen Your Immune System with Botanical Medicine Basic Nutrients are key! One of the primary functions of our immune system is to recognize “foreign invaders” i.e. viruses and pathogenic bacteria and respond by sending in the troops safely.  The list of nutrients to carry out such a complex function is vast and vitamins A, B’s, […]

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Bean Me Up

bullet proof coffee

Dave Asprey is the man behind Bulletproof Coffee and he inspired me to put my own “healthier” twist on this healthy fat drink. Once in a while, I will have this creamy, delicious beverage with my breakfast or in the afternoon as a “boost” or “pick me up”.  You can make it with decaffeinated coffee […]

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Monster Breakfast Cookies

monster cookies

Yup! These are huge in size, taste and texture!  Sweetened with Lakanto monkfruit sugar, gluten-free, vegan  and low lectin – what more can I take away?  NOTHING…..I just sprinkled in superfoods, fiber & healthy fats and the flavor is just OTW! Ingredients for 14 3/4 cup coconut flour 3/4 cup cassava flour 1 cup almond […]

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PBJ Truffles

chocolate balls

I love peanut butter and raspberry jam but… I was getting pretty tired of the standard PBJ on toast, so I created these yummy & nutritious 2-bite ball snacks.  They freeze well and even keep in the fridge for weeks, although trust me, they wont last!  These do come with a warning label though, as […]

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Granola balls

Did you know…..? I had a granola company called Girlnola?  Seriously!  Cool name eh?!  I thought of it myself at 9:23pm while at the red light off the QEW at Martindale Rd making a left-hand turn back in 2009!  Incredible how certain vivid memories become HUGE impacts in our lives, right? These granola balls will […]

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