Monster Breakfast Cookies

monster cookies

Yup! These are huge in size, taste and texture!  Sweetened with Lakanto monkfruit sugar, gluten-free, vegan  and low lectin – what more can I take away?  NOTHING…..I just sprinkled in superfoods, fiber & healthy fats and the flavor is just OTW! Ingredients for 14 3/4 cup coconut flour 3/4 cup cassava flour 1 cup almond […]

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Chocolate Chip Orange Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

I’m trying to reduce lectins for the month of January to improve digestion & absorption of nutrients and reduce inflammation! So, I “healthified” the traditional classic all-time favorite North American chocolate chip cookie recipe and these beauties popped out of the oven!  I added some juice and rind from blood oranges which are in season […]

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Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Shiitake Truffle Mushroom Sauce

sweet potato gnocchi

You can WOW your guests with this irresistibly delicious traditional Italian dumpling dish! In Italy this is a “first” dish or “primo piatto” in a series of 5 dishes which are antipasto, pasta, meat/fish, vegetable side dish and dessert!  Of course, Italians don’t always eat this elaborately, except for Sundays which are sacred and a […]

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Almond Grape Donuts

I was never a fan of donuts because they were filled with all things white and void of any nutrients like sugar, flour and fat! Yes, I know….I’m one of the few Canadians that doesn’t like donuts – given that there’s a Tim Hortons on almost every corner.  My mission was to create a healthier […]

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