Fish Crepes

Fish Crepes with tartar sauce

This is my spin on the “Mexican” fish taco because I love French cuisine!  These crepes are lectin free, gluten-free, dairy and soy free and totally delicious and healthier for you than the original.  The fish I used is wild caught Norwegian cod from Wholefoods (when it’s on SALE!) and I made a delicious tartar […]

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Veggie Barley and Millet Soup

There is something about having a huge bowl of chunky veggie soup when the leaves are starting to fall and the days are rainy and nights are crisp and cool!  This soup is loaded with root and cruciferous veggies which help ground us, keep us in the present here and now and give us a […]

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Spelt Crust Pizza Pie

Vegan Spelt Crust Pizza

I’m Italian and I love pizza!  This version is  healthier and tastes just like traditional pizza made with white flour.  My secret? I added spelt flour to increase fiber, minerals and vitamins.  Spelt is an ancient grain and even though it does have gluten, it hasn’t been genetically modified so its easier for people to […]

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Jackfruit & Veggie Coconut Curry

Did you know that jackfruit originates from Southern India and Western Cultures have been in contact with it for about 5,000 years? When I was living in Bali this past fall and winter, I never tried it because it was so smelly and weighed a ton. To my surprise,  I found it at Well Well […]

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