Grain-free Granola

This granola was inspired by a fellow holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy.  I added a few different ingredients creating my own version of an already delicious and filling snack!  No grains, no gluten, only real whole food with high fiber and healthy fats.  Sweetened with Canadian maple syrup! Enjoy this crunchy chunks with yogurt, mylk, on […]

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Lemony Coconut Protein Truffles

Lemony Coconut Protein Truffles

These snacks are packed with plantbased protein, loaded with vitamin C and bioflavinoids for healthy skin, nails and hair and a stronger immune system.  The bee pollen adds extra Bee vitamins, crunch and is a natural anti-histamine! Plus in the middle of an ice storm, these taste like a sunny tropical paradise!   Ingredients for 15 […]

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Jackfruit & Veggie Coconut Curry

Did you know that jackfruit originates from Southern India and Western Cultures have been in contact with it for about 5,000 years? When I was living in Bali this past fall and winter, I never tried it because it was so smelly and weighed a ton. To my surprise,  I found it at Well Well […]

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Raspberry Mousse

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND CANADIAN FRIENDS! PUMPKIN PIES ARE EVERYWHERE! WHAT IF YOU DON’T LIKE PUMPKIN PIE, LIKE ME? I prefer my pumpkin in savory dishes.  What about you?   Good News!  I have been busy creating delicious desserts with fruit in season like raspberries because  I absolutely love pairing chocolate with fruit.  This raspberry mousse is […]

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Nut-free Granola

This granola was inspired when I had my Girlnola business back in 2011!  My customers wanted a nut-free version and so voila – their wish was my command!  You can add gojiberries to give it a nice red color and loads of vitamin C! Makes 7 cups Ingredients: 3 cups rolled oats 2 cup large […]

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Mylks not Milks

DID YOU KNOW THAT … You can make your own mylk beverages with 4 simple ingredients and it’s so easy and quick! Store bought mylks are convenient but they are loaded with sugar, carrageenan and other “preservatives”. The mylks you make at home taste sooooo delicious and are FRESH! I GUARANTEE you will NEVER want […]

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