Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocavo Icing

chocolate cupcakes with icing

What’s chocavo? It’s the healthiest, most delicious and richest icing you will ever have! 2 main ingredients….can you guess?  OH and did I mention these cupcakes are divinely delicious too?! You will not be able to stop at one, but that’s OK because they are grain-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and naturally sweetened…. seconds are allowed, […]

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Almond Grape Donuts

I was never a fan of donuts because they were filled with all things white and void of any nutrients like sugar, flour and fat! Yes, I know….I’m one of the few Canadians that doesn’t like donuts – given that there’s a Tim Hortons on almost every corner.  My mission was to create a healthier […]

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