Wellness Experiences

Nutritional Wellness Consultation and Body Health Analysis

from $249+hst per person

Virtual Consultations so you can be anywhere in the world! — This is where you would want to start if you are not feeling your optimal BEST or you might have health concerns and want to take a holistic nutritional approach without having to rely on over the counter and prescription drugs which could have detrimental side effects!  

Perhaps you have gone to your Physician and they tell you your blood work is fine, you are probably just stressed and have lots of the go or they might suggest some medication but you don’t want to go that route because of the horrible side effects.  Plus, you know there is a more natural, healthier way whereby you can strengthen your body’s own resistance to illness and perhaps just make some simple food and lifestyle changes.

Have a seat… Let's chat

Here, you will receive a health and wellness questionnaire which should take about 35-40 minutes to fill out and email back to me.  I will then analyze and interpret your results, via a professional software program and thoroughly discuss any imbalances or concerns I that may have come up with you (via video conferencing/telephone, you will also have ample opportunity to ask me any questions and we can discuss a health and wellness plan that addresses your concerns and one you will feel financially and mentally comfortable with (your well-being is truly first priority for me!) 

But wait! It doesn’t stop here…

A balancing food and meal plan, supplement and alternative therapy plan will then be suggested and the positive sustainable health benefits will be explained based on your personal health goals.

This is where it “couldn’t get much better than this” happens…

You will also receive 2 one on one video or telephone calls of up to 45 minutes for the month of your protocol – just to make sure you are well supported as you start your health and wellness journey.  You can also ask me questions relating to your protocol, supplements and anything else I have suggested as part of your healing!

Wellness Workshops

Contact me for prices

Canada & Italy — Back to school we go but no desks here!  All you need is a kitchen or a stage for me to educate and entertain you while you eat! Savour my cheesy kale chips or seedy crackers and if you prefer something naturally sweet then try on my bliss balls (some call them fat bombs but I’d like to think of myself as somewhat refined and mine will create tingling feelings of bliss all over your body), learning about all these buzz words like “detox”, “cleanse”, “flush”, “metabolic weight loss”, “ketogenic diet” and the list goes on! 

WOW… all of this can be extremely overwhelming and confusing to the point where you would probably just want to go back to basics and that’s where I come in!  Trained for 25 years as a language teacher, I know words are powerful but how we learn them and use them are what is going to make them effective!  So hold on to your blender and don’t worry, you wont get burned on your dehydrator…

Let me break it down for you…

Based on your needs and health goals, I will create a custom educational, hands on workshop (45-90+ min) session to help you transition to a more energetic, healthier and vibrant lifestyle.  My methods are fun, funny, simple, easy to understand and execute and effective if you use them!

You will gain helpful tools that will make this huge transition to the “green side” less intimidating and deliciously captivating from fridge and pantry to table to office.  I will give you my undivided attention and expertise in nutrition and cooking for Q&A too! Learn flexible, convenient and easy ways to break habits that are no longer serving you and gain the confidence and knowledge to start making small changes, step by step while at the same time understanding the mechanisms and looking at immediate and long-term results that your consistency will give you.  Receive a personalized healthy pantry list of staple foods needed inside your fridge and cupboards to help you transition and make meals more delicious and nutritious, plus other important meal planning, grocery shopping, recipe templates.

In-home Cooking Sessions

4 dishes starting from $199+hst (travel fee might apply) You supply the kitchen & ingredients, I teach, you learn & we cook!

Canada & Italy — Move over Giada, Jaime and Gordon, there’s a healthy new kid on the block that will rock your tastebuds with appies, mains, sides and shockingly healthy desserts!  Learn how to make delicious pizza, lasagna, chili, soups, sandwiches, burgers, loafs, dips, chocolate, cookies, cakes, bliss balls and more and for all your dietary needs! 

You will receive…

Ahead of the scheduled in-home session, you will receive a list of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks/dessert based on your family’s needs (allergies, special diets, tastes, meal etc.) and you will be able to choose your top 4 dishes that you wish to make with Healthy Chef Stef aka HCS.  Easy to read and follow recipes will be emailed to you at the end of the session or you can video tape the entire session!  Together, you will go through step by step how to make the dishes, the nutritional benefits of the dishes, modifications and substitutions too!  What a great opportunity to involve your children and share responsibility of creating delicious and nutritious meals that they helped make!  The BEST part of this is while you are eating, Chef Stef becomes “dishwasher girl” and will clean all your dishes too!  BONUS! 


Private Classes

Canada & Italy — NAMASTE. Personalized yoga, breathing and meditation sessions in the comfort of your own space and with your own tribe. I can guide you in English or Italiano.

Prices are PER SESSION (not per person) +hst. Travel rates might apply.

Single or Couples (per session)

  • 1 session $50cnd or 35euro
  • 5 sessions $225cnd or 150euro
  • 10 sessions $390cnd or 250euro

3+ people (per session)

  • 1 session $75cnd or 50euro
  • 5 sessions $350cnd or 250euro
  • 10 sessions $490cnd or 350euro

No dripping sweat or acrobatics here… well, a little releasing of the toxins is good!  Pure relaxation, enjoyment and bliss are a few of the benefits you be experiencing with a regular yoga practice!  All this in the privacy of your own home or office – alone or in community, so get your kids, wife, hubby, some friends or the whole office together so our chanting OM will be even more powerful?!  Having said that, classes can be personalized to whatever your body and mind need.  

I have been fortunate to know and experience Stephanie’s food making on several occasions. She is creativity and does not hold back in making delicious healthy dishes. Stephanie’s knowledge in nutrition and her enjoyment in preparing dishes with love and passion, makes the whole difference when it comes to healthy and tasty eating. I am always surprised in talking with her about what I consider complex dishes and hearing her say, “not a problem… easy to do… and I enjoy it!” Of course, the results are definitely yummy!

I would recommend Stephanie for her nutritional knowledge, quality of work and passion for optimum results anytime.

Patrick Rhein