Tartar Sauce

Vegan Tartar Sauce

I remember eating tartar sauce at least 30 years ago with fish sticks and I loved the dill and creamy tangy, taste of it!  Little did I know that it wasn’t at all healthy! Here is my tasty vegan version which is lighter, fresher and  healthier for you! Ingredients (makes 1 cup) 3/4 cups veganaise […]

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Raw Fermented Sauerkraut

              Raw fermented sauerkraut is a superfood for your gut and digestion.  It is healthier than the most commonly known canned or jarred boiled/pasteurized cabbage.  This version doesn’t get boiled, instead it is fermented in a cool, dark room at temperatures between 60-75F.  Why?  Fermentation develops loads of beneficial […]

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