Cheezy Millet Cauliflower Squares

millet and dandelion

When I was in Umbria this past summer, I treated myself to a 1 week retreat at Ananda Yoga Centre.  I took various kriyananda yoga courses and a vegan baking course.  The instructor and fellow yogi, Mahiya Zoe Matthews was not only the sweetest, kindest divine goddess I had ever met but also a great […]

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Carrot Apple Flax Crackers

carrot flax crackers

These crackers are CRAZY good! I used the leftover pulp of my LYL detox juice, so they are super affordable, easy to make and high in fiber! Ideally, you do need a dehydrator to get all the raw vitamins and minerals, but you can also use your oven and bake them! Makes about 130-140 2” […]

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Nut n Broccoli Pate

I know the title doesn’t sound appetizing but TRUST ME this pate is delicious not to mention, as always, NUTRITIOUS! Enjoy it with some flax crackers, veggies, on sourdough bread or in your wraps….yum! Makes 2 cups Ingredients: 1/2 cup walnuts 1/2 cup Brazil nuts (If you don’t have any you can just use 1 […]

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Flatter Tummy Water

3” piece ginger, sliced 6 sprigs fresh mint 12 thin cucumber slices Juice of 3 fresh limes   Put the above in 1.5 liters of filtered hot water and let seep for at least 30 minutes before drinking.  You can leave this on the countertop and or in the fridge and keep refilling it with […]

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