SOS….Im feeling OVERWHELMED….help!

screaming shocked lady

SOS…..I’m feeling so OVERWHELMED…  me please!

Ok, so i jumped on my blog and had to post this!  Yes …. I’m procrastinating, but for a greater good.  I’m sure all of you reading this have felt like I’m feeling right now at least once in the past week.  The symptoms are similar and there are many.  For me, its that heavy feeling on my chest, the shortness of breath and a slight nausea with absolutely no hunger at all.  Then, my scalp starts to itch and i can feel my psoriasis coming back.  I scratch and then it bleeds and hurts.  I get a stiff, sore neck and often get those sharp knife like pains in my neck when I suddenly turn my head……THOSE KILL and at times I even breakdown and just cry!  I have a million ideas in my head bouncing around and so I start ten things but rarely fully finish even a few.

Are you feeling me, yet?

I have good news and I’m here to share what has worked for me with the hope that it will work for you too!  Oh! Please feel free and i actually invite you to share in the comments below what has worked for you too, so together we can help even more people with our kindness in sharing.

Wellness Wednesday Tips to EASE the TENSION & STRESS we create for ourselves!

#1 I PRIORITIZE in WRITING what is important for me and list the MUST DO’s first.

So if we create our stress by our attitude and the way we think about a situation, then the good news is we can “uncreate” it.  What I mean by this is we can choose what we CAN commit to doing by writing it out in a journal and scheduling our day.

Try this!

PEN in the most important things to do or your priorities.  I break down my priorities in these 4 categories:

  • Health (2-3 meals a day, snacks, hydrate, yoga, 8-9hrs sleep)

  • Me time

  • Work – my business

  • Family & friends


When you are stressed and have anxiety or adrenal fatigue, the last thing your body needs are these 3 toxins!  These will destroy your bodies natural defenses against illness (so you will get sick more often and it will last longer) and drastically deplete your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Try this!

Have your one cup of java or 1 espresso before noon.  If you crave more coffee try grabbing a good quality, organic green tea  or a coffee substitute such as Four Sigmatic mushroom elixirs or Dandy Blend chicory  (You get 20% by using Promo Code FOOD 4U on my website).


That could include a 15-30 minute quiet nap or a 3-5 minute meditation (I love the app Insight Timer).  The outdoors and being in nature is healing, refreshing and invigorating.  A quick walk around the garden, hug a tree or even a 1 hour walk along a trail will do wonders for stress.  Yes, I do take time for washroom breaks, but there is always a pit stop in the kitchen for a herbal tea or water with lime juice or chlorophyll or even a healthy snack (Check out my recipes for chocolate mint cups and cheezy kale chips).  I also use pranayama or my long, slow deep nasal belly breaths.

Try this!

Breathe in through your nose for a count of 4, hold your breathe for 2 and exhale through your nose for 5.  Continue this cycle for about 8-10 times, as often as you need.

#4 I have a DECK OF CARDS handy and I’m not talking the casino type cards!

I’m talking motivational and inspirational mantra cards.  I have a few of Doreen Virtue “Oracle” cards, Louise Hay “I Can Do It”  cards and even Bach Flower Remedy Cards.  When I’m sad, angry, overwhelmed or just feeling like i need a pick me up, I reach for one or a few of these decks and my mind changes direction.  These positive affirmations help change my thoughts and how i perceive things that are happening.  I get inspired with positive vibes and I lose the negativity, pessimism, blame and high expectations I have of myself.

Try this!

Repeat this out loud 3 times and then silently “This too shall pass, this is only temporary.” or  “I let go of all tension in my body, I breathe slowly in and out.”

#5 I have several different types of NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS on hand.

Try these!

Lastly, If you still feel that your stress and anxiety is unmanageable, then please seek the help of a trained professional.  You don’t have to be in this alone and you are not alone.  Reach out for help and be open to receiving it.  I am also here to help and guide you, so please feel free to book a complimentary 15-30 minute consultation. Namaste. Sending all of you love, light and positive relaxing vibes.