Shining Powerfully at our Solar Plexus

solar plexus symbol

Power is the ability to make things happen! 

We need energy to travel through the more difficult parts of our enlightened journey and the willpower to direct this energy where it will serve us!

The third chakra or Manipura directs energy upwards from the lower abdomen to the navel.  It relates to the pancreas, adrenals and musculature and digestive system.    Its element is fire so it burns upwards and transforms everything in its way.  As a result, we move away from the passivity of matter and duality of the second chakra to reasoning and the intellect.  In so doing, we harness the power from within to take inclusive, caring action.  This action is used to develop unity and wholeness within ourselves and with how we integrate and inter-relate with others.  It is here that we help each other rise up and bridge our differences through solidarity.

Strengthening our will requires:

clear focus, patience, consistency, perseverance and practice.

The solar plexus chakra calls us develop and strengthen our sense of inner power which is necessary for growth and confidence to venture into the unknown.  The 3 lower chakras are responsible for action and making things happen.  In addition, they dance with the upper chakras as this action is guided by consciousness, memory of cause and effect, creativity, understanding, a vision and caring.  The beauty of it all is that through this interconnection, we experience our power to make controlled and directed change through awareness and energy.

Using our will to follow through on our desired outcomes will bring a deeper connection to our third chakra.

As we grow toward greater understanding of spiritual consciousness and breaking boundaries, our concept of power will also evolve.  Our will or making things happen, is a combination of mind and action and comes from our core and root, our visions, our creativity and our intelligence.

Paying attention to the circumstances that give us more energy and those that deplete our energy is key to becoming more connected to manipura.

On a psychological level, our third chakra is related to our ego or as Dr. Wayne Dyre said…. it is Edging God Out!  God is love and love brings caring, empathy and balance.  When our ego is balanced, then we have enough will power to follow through on our choices yet we are not governed and defined by them.  Taking action requires balance, in other words, those who take action too quickly often act without thinking and then there are those who are blocked and shyly retreat, allowing circumstances or others to take action for them.  They avoid confrontation or exposure and wallow in their indecisiveness because shame governs their behaviour. Shame is an ego state and often stems from childhood experiences, so it is best to focus on the meaning of our actions instead of recognition for those actions.

Excessive characteristics of Manipura

  • dominating
  • controlling
  • competitive
  • arrogant
  • ambitious
  • stubborn
  • compulsively driven towards goals
  • use of sedatives

Deficiency characteristics of Manipura

  • passive
  • lack of energy
  • poor digestion
  • tendency to be cold
  • submissive
  • blaming
  • low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • poor self-discipline
  • use of stimulants

Balanced Third Chakra

  • responsible and reliable
  • self-disciplined
  • positive sense of self
  • confident
  • warm and energetic
  • spontaneous, playful, humorous
  • able to take risks

  Here are 5 tips to nourish and balance your solar plexus chakra:

  • FOOD
    • To increase fire or if you are deficient in this chakra, eat hot, cooked and spicy food and drink hot liquids, avoiding ice cold drinks.  Herbs like ginger and the use of bitter flavours can help digestion.
    • Stay light if you have an overactive Solar plexus chakra and avoid buffets or “stuffing” yourself.
    • To nourish this chakra eat yellow colored foods and drinks.
  • BODY
    • Sit up straight, shoulders drawn back and chest open.  When standing, practice good posture by firming up your belly, lifting out of the crown of your head and slightly tucking your chin and gently squeezing your shoulder blades back and down away from ears to open your chest.
    • Pay attention to your body and if you are feeling tired, rest instead of reaching for stimulants.
    • If you feel sluggish, then go for a brisk walk or do a few jumping exercises to pump some oxygen and get your blood flowing to ignite that fire energy within!
    • Upon waking set your intention for the day.  This can be a word or phrase that you will remember and go to numerous times throughout your day and night.  Use your will to accomplish it.
    • Make a list of daily, weekly and monthly goals and cross out each one as you fulfill it.  All of these simple exercises will be effective in strengthening your will.
    • Since the third chakra lies in the abdominal area and it is composed of soft tissue, it is important that your abdominal muscles are firm and strong.  Stomach crunches are a great way of toning this area.  Repeat until you feel the burn, then rest for 30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.
    • Plank pose is another total body muscle engaging pose but especially great for the abdominals.  Make sure your shoulders are back away from your ears and are above your wrists.  Arms are straight and you are pushing out through your heels as you engage your abdominal muscles pulling up and in towards your spinal cord.  If you are just beginning, hold for 30 seconds and rest for 1 minute.  Repeat 3-5 times daily.  If you are up for second level, hold for 1 minute, then increase by 30 seconds.  Repeat 3-5 times daily.
    • Belly rolls are a fun way to gain control over your abdominal muscles and it stimulates the rise of that kundalini energy through the chakras.  Sit in a cross-legged position with your spine straight and shoulders above hips.  Imagine you are sitting inside a round container and you are expanding from front to back and side to side until your whole body touches the inside of that oval container.  On the in-breath, bring your belly forward, slightly arching your back.  As you exhale, move your middle section around to the right, then to the back as you finish exhaling.  then as you inhale again, continue moving to the left until you can return to your beginning posture, with your belly forward and your breath fully expanded on your in-breath.  Keep practicing until you make a complete cycle in one smooth movement.  Keep your shoulders still and continue until you can do 10 complete rotations in one direction and then ten in the opposite direction.

REPEAT this MANTRA:  “All of my desires come true in perfect harmony with nature”