Balancing Chakras!

root chakra

Chakra Chat!

You might have heard about them in your yoga class like I did?!

Perhaps, like me, did you find the information confusing and the concepts hard to grasp?

Or, perhaps you were happy just knowing there are 7 and they each have a different color of the rainbow.  Did you know that chakras are situated from the base of our perineum to the top of our head?  Did you also know that they are each associated with an organ or body part?

These powerful energy vortexes contribute to our well-being or our ill-being. 

Yes….you see, we could have an excess or a deficiency of each chakra.  Of course, like all things, balance is key so that energy can flow freely from bottom to top and down again. 

When our chakras are unblocked and nourished we contribute to optimal physical health and mental and emotional relationship wellness.

Now, let me break it down for you into more detail!  My next 7 blog entries will focus on each chakra individually shed more light on the complex matter! 

Today, I want to focus on the first chakra which in Sanskrit is Muladhara and means root.  We can visualize this chakra with its intense red

 color.  Its location is at the base of perineum or between our genitals and anus.  It is the first building block upon which all the other chakras must rest.  The root chakra represents how you deal with the physical realm.   It includes material things such as your body, home, finances, work and the environment.  The purpose of this chakra is to make sure you survive so you can continue your journey.  On a psychological level, it is associated with the survival instinct and they will to live via basic health and vitality.


Life doesn’t always hand us roses and when we are confronted with challenges, we instinctively find ways to cope.  In terms of energy dynamics, we can increase or decrease our energy in order to deal with those curve balls.  This is similar to the “fight or flight” response which is programmed into our survival inst

incts.  Coping strategies such as running away from a problem,  substance abuse or burning the midnight oil can create either excesses or deficiencies.  

Excessive characteristics of Muladhara

  • slow movements
  • resistance to change
  • overeating
  • obesity
  • hoarding, greediness
  • workaholism
  • excessive spending

Deficiency characteristics of Muladhara

  • fear & anxiety
  • resistance to structure
  • underweight
  • flightiness
  • disconnect from your body
  • inability to sit still
  • difficulty manifesting what you want

Balanced First Chakra

  • groundedness
  • physical health
  • bring comfortable in your own body
  • a sense of safety and security
  • prosperity
  • ability to be still
  • being present in the here and now

  Here are 7 tips to deepen your connection to your root chakra:

  • FOOD – eat organic, fresh, “live” food as opposed to processed, packaged and ready made food.  Make sure to get protein at every meal, but not too much as it can leave you feeling sluggish.  Choose lots of foods red in color.  Healthy protein choices that are grounding are organic and sprouted tofu and tempeh, nuts, beans and legumes.  If you eat meat, please make sure it is hormone-free, pasture raised, antibiotic free and if you can, get to know your farmer and buy direct.  If you eat fish, then it should be small such as anchovies, sardines, cod, mackerel and wild caught.
  • BODY – give your adrenal glands a little TLC (I offer an adrenal support protocol in my holistic nutrition services – BOOK YOUR 20 min. FREE CONSULT NOW).  You can start by creating boundaries and saying NO to certain things.  Get at least 7 hours of shut eye.  Start your morning with a pinch of sea salt in warm water and finish your evening with holy basil/Tulsi herbal tea.
  • HOME – keep it clean,  organized and decorate it a bit.
  • WORK – find pleasure and positive aspects of your job and if you can’t do that, then be grateful that you have a job.
  • MONEY – manage your cash flow, deal with your debts and hire a good accountant.
  • ENVIRONMENT – spend time outdoors in natural spaces and stay grounded and in the present moment
  • PRACTICES – sit cross legged or lie down and repeat this mantra “I am grateful for all the abundance in my life and for my healthy body that is supported by the earth beneath me”.